Who Are We?

Who Are We?

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A man-made marine structure that extends above the water level and is not connected to shore.

Dolfen, established in 1995, is an engineering and consultancy company specialized in “coastal and harbour engineering.” The company employs coastal and harbour engineers, civil engineers and environmental engineers. In addition to contracting project-based several techical groups like geological, electrical, mechanical, geomatic engineers, and architects, the company works in close relationship with the academic circles.

Since it’s foundation, Dolfen has completed significant amount of works done in Turkey in engineering design, maintenance and development projects for fisheries, marinas, harbours, cruise terminals, special purpose jetties, drydocks, and the like. The company has also participated in similar projects abroad: in Turkmenistan, Pakistan, Abkhazia, UAE, Oman, Kamerun, Tunisia, Libya, Jordan, Syria, Northern Cyprus and Italy.

“Turn-Key” Service

Whether for tourism or transportation, coastal structures mean a long and complicated process which require a series of specialty knowledge and experience right from the selection of location, to management efficiency, including in between but not limited to: obtaining relevant approvals and follow-up of procedures from public authorities, surveying and measurements, designing layouts, considering economical and environmental parameters. Providing reliable, cost effective, and environmentally friendly solutions, Dolfen is the right place for the sectoral investors. We are preferred by the local corporate giants like OMV POAŞ, Doğuş Holding, Erdemir, Akkök Group, Polisan, Akdeniz Kimya and Kiska, to name a few.

Tender Preparation Partner

Big investment projects, especially those under the Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model, require high technical and economical evaluation points which should be backed by a highly qualified technical and aesthetic consulting service. Dolfen serves the existent and emerging investors, using its experience and accuracy, to make them the winner.



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