Most of Dolfen’s activities are related to transportation and tourism sectors. The activities shown below reflect Dolfen’s capabilities.

Feasibility Studies of Investment Projects

• Technical and economical feasibility,

• Financial analysis,

• Risk analysis,

• Environmental evaluations.

Engineering Design (land and coastal structures)

• General design,

• Planning,

• Geotechnical and foundation evaluations,

• Structural and architectural design.

Technical Consultancy

• Mediation for technology transfer,

• Independent inspection studies,

• Structural control and rehabilitation of existing structures,

• Shore arrangements and shore protection studies.

EIA Consultancy

• Search of environmental impacts,

• Laboratory analysis and reporting,

• Preparation of EIA reports and follow-up of confirmation procedures.

Site Researches

• Geotechnical, geological and hydro-geological researches,

• Topographic, bathymetric and under-water researches,

• Hydrologic and seismic studies,

• Structural surveys.

Mathematical and Physical Modeling

• Model setup and calibration for physical models, tests and reporting,

• Harbour agitation, water quality and sediment transport mathematical modeling applications and reporting,

• Evaluation of models completed by others.

Tender Management

• Tender pre-qualification ,

• Terms of reference and specifications,

• Paperworks and procedures,

• Consultancy for evaluation.

Construction Supervision

• Liason between/among the parties,

• Process control works,

• Controlling constructor’s works,

• Reporting as necessary.



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