Dolfen, as a technical term, means a relatively small construction built away from coast for docking or tying vessels. Related to definition of Dolfen and our area of expertise, the blue color on our logo symbolizes the sea and the coast, two dolphins symbolize intelligent and sensitive communication and the square surrounding the dolphins is a reference to our company's engineering background.

Dolfen employs number of Coastal, Marine, Civil, Environmental Engineers and works together with Geological, Electrical, Mechanical, Survey Engineers and Architectures on relevant projects. Our company also has strong ties with academic circles. 

Dolfen, since its establishment, has been an important player on the Coastal and Ocean Engineering sector and prepared numerous technical designs, refurbishment and improvement plans for important portion of the coastal structures of Turkey (cargo ports, cruise ports, various purposes wharves, shipyards, yacht harbors, fisheries, slipway, etc.). Dolfen also successfully carried out projects in other countries like Turkmenistan, Pakistan, Abkhazia, BAE, Oman, Cameroon, Tunisia, Libya, Jordan, Syria, Northern Cyprus and Italy.

Dolfen's area of expertise covers transportation, tourism, agriculture and environmental sectors. Below are some of the services Dolfen has completed mainly on coastal and ocean engineering side.

Feasibility Studies of Investment Projects

  • - Technical and economic feasibility
  • - Financial analysis
  • - Risk analysis
  • - Environmental assessments

Engineering Designs (Coastal and Marine Structures)

  • - General design
  • - Planning
  • - Geotechnical and foundation assessments
  • - Structural design, infrastructural-architectural-environmental design
  • - Coastal management and protection studies
  • - Reinforcement projects

Technical Consulting

  • - Technology transfer procuration
  • - Independent audit work
  • - Structural control and rehabilitation in existing structures
  • - Coastal management and protection studies
  • - Sea water intake and discharge projects
  • - EIA and zoning plan consultancy
  • - Preparation of EIA reports and obtaining approval from relevant institutions
  • - Preparation of zoning plans and obtaining approval from relevant institutions

Field Studies

  • - Geotechnical, geological and hydrogeological surveys
  • - Topographic, bathymetric and underwater surveys
  • - Hydrologic and seismic surveys
  • - Structural Surveys

Mathematical and Physical Modeling

  • - Establishment of laboratory environment for physical modelling, performing experiments and reporting
  • - Mathematical modeling of turbulence, pollution and sedimentation at the harbor basin and reporting

Tender Consultancy

  • - Tender prequalification studies
  • - Preparation of tender specifications, related drawings, BOQ and technical specifications
  • - Preparation of tender documents

Construction Consultancy

  • - Follow up and construction supervision of projects
  • - Project supervision reports


Since 2001, our company also provides services on the environmental sector and prepares Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) reports authorized by the “Proficiency Certificate No:44” from Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning. 

Our company also has “Proficiency Certificate No: 13” from (defunct) “General Directorate of Maritime, Undersecretariat of Maritime Transport” that gives authorization to prepare Feasibility-Modelling reports based on “Coastal Plant Construction Notifications” provisions. Our company is also member of PIANC.

"Turnkey" Service

Designing coastal structures for maritime, tourism and transportation sectors has number of challenging aspects. Site selection, obtaining required permits, getting relevant measurements and analyzing them, establishing most appropriate design alternatives, economic and environmental factors and operational efficiency can be listed as broad scope of these aspects that have to be taken into consideration while making an outstanding project. Dolfen offers reliable, innovative, economical, environmentally friendly and exceptional solutions to the sector investors from commencement of the service to the end.

Our customer portfolio includes government agencies like "Republic of Turkey Ministry of Transport, Maritime and Transport", "Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning", "Administration of Privatization", "Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality", "Bursa Metropolitan Municipality", "Turkish National Railways" and various universities, as well as important large scale companies like OMV-POAŞ, Doğuş Holding, Erdemir, Safi Holding, Akkök Group, Polisan, Akdeniz Chemicals and Kiska Construction. Our broad customer base is a testament to our assurance to service quality.

Tender Preparation Partner

In large scale Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) investment tenders, having a strong engineering and aesthetic consultancy service that complements the technical and economic competencies of the investors ends up in high scores and a "winning company" loyalty. Dolfen is known for it's experience and meticulousness in preparation of tenders for sector's old and new investors.