Quality Policy

Quality Policy

As Dolfen Engineering, we strongly believe that there are always opportunities to improve our projects and services based on our experience and feedback from our clients, contractors, subcontractors and employees. We utilize a four-step program in order to learn and improve from our experience:

Planning – While providing our engineering services, we follow our company’s mission and policies while aiming for the highest standards. We use checklists and flow charts to plan for high quality service. 

Execution – All services are based on defined policies and standards and continuously checked by peers and managers to maintain the standards. Where standards are not available, industry best practices are sought and followed as guidelines while Line management along with QA/QC personnel integrate these standards to our companies QA/QC system.

Analysis – Once the service is delivered to the client, both internal audits and customer feedback are collected for the particular project. Analysis are performed to define our strengths, weaknesses and opportunities to improve our services for future projects.

Action – Based on the results of the analysis, improvements and changes are made on the related areas before upcoming projects.

Using the Quality Assurance and Improvement Cycle, we continuously evaluate our progress and implement improvements in order to provide better service to our clients.